3,000 ALL CASHBACK with BanKomaT! Only by making 5 transactions, 6,000 ALL minimum each!

BanKomaT debit card reimburses your spending! Earn 3,000 ALL CASHBACK only by making at least 5 transactions, each one at a minimum of 6,000 ALL in BKT physical POSes.
  • Part of this campaign will be only BKT retail debit cards.
  • Each BanKomaT cardholder is eligible to earn the CASHBACK only once.
  • Valid will be considered only transactions done in BKT physical POS. Transactions done in other banks POS or online will not be counted.
  • In the same day, in the same merchant will be considered valid only one transaction.
Campaign is valid until 30th of September 2023!

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