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Sum Insured

It is the value, which has been agreed between the parties in the insurance contract or is defined in the legal or sub-legal acts in force and which represents the maximum limit of the insurer's liability towards the insured or the beneficiary.

Underwriting Insurance Process

The process performed by the insurer where it is decided whether the request to be insured will be accepted, and if the decision is positive, the terms and conditions of the policy are definite.

Life Insurance Policy

Policies covering the risk of death of the insured due to natural or accidental causes.

General Terms and Conditions of the Insurance Policy

In all cases insurance policies are accompanied with the general terms and conditions, depending on the types of risks they cover. The terms have the force of law for the parties, which regulate their entire insurance relationship.

Property Insurance Policy

Policies that cover loss, damage or destruction of insured property, unexpectedly or accidentally as a result of various risks defined in the policy.

Insurance Risk

It is the objective possibility of the existence of property and / or non-property loss, which occurs in uncertain circumstances, unknown and independent of the will of the insured person.


It is a Company licensed by the Authority in the field of insurance, which is engaged to compensate damages from a risk covered from an insurance contract / policy.


Insurance is a system of risk transfer and its combination where one party, the insured, receives the promise from the other party, the insurer, to be compensated in case of any loss and the insurer agrees to take the risk in exchange for the insurance premium, this regulated with the insurance contract (policy).

Insurance Premium

The amount paid by the insured, to enable insurance coverage by the insurer, the price of insurance paid by the client.

Insurance Policy for Loan Purpose

Policies offered to persons who take loans in the Bank to protect them from the risk of non-repayment the loan as a result of an insurance event, as a condition of the loan contract, when the beneficiary is the Bank.

Insurance Policy

It is a contract between the insurer (Insurance Company) and the insured (Customer), to cover the risks of the insured under terms and conditions specified in the contract. The policy is issued by the insurer.

Insurance Deductibles

The amount or percentage of the damage or of the sum insured, determined in the insurance policy, which is covered by the insured (customer) himself. In all cases this value is deducted from the value of the damage at the moment of calculating the indemnity value.

Insurance Exclusions

In all insurance policies there are several articles of terms and conditions which define the areas of risk, for which the insurer does not cover the losses or damages incurred.

Insurance Beneficiary

The person defined in the insurance policy as the beneficiary of the insurance amount.

Insurance Indemnification Claim

A claim made by the insured for a damage, according to an insurance policy terms and conditions within the deadlines specified in the policy.


The party who has insured risks through an insurance policy, which its object is a possible property and / or non-property loss. In some cases, the insured is also known as a policyholder.

Insurance indemnity

It is the amount for which the insurer owes the insured, the beneficiary or any damaged third party, which derives as a right from an insurance contract or insurance activity.

Insurance Broker

It is a licensed person by the Authority to exercise the activity of insurance intermediary between the Customer and the Insurance Company.

Casco Insurance Policy

A policy that covers registered auto vehicles for damage that may occur to the vehicle itself as a result of the various risks defined in the police.


A social media platform focused on video content.

Push Notification

An automatic message that is sent by an application (BKT Smart) to the user when the application is not open.


The way a product / service is advertised.

Paid marketing

Paid media, such as search advertising, social media advertising and more traditional forms of advertising such as advertising and billboards.

Promotional Game

A game where several customers participate, based on the conditions they meet, to win a prize or several prizes with different values.

Video Marketing

Any marketing that does this includes videos, including video ads, live videos, 360 videos and branded websites.

Online Marketing

The process of promoting a certain company, brand, product or service through the Internet.


One of the leading social media platforms, characterized by short character content (140 characters).


Any proposal, presentation of an idea or opinion, which may affect the improvement of the products or services offered, making them more appropriate to the current requirements or needs.


Short Message Service are informative or promotional texts that contain a maximum of 160 characters and are sent to a client's mobile phone.

Queue Management System

A system used to control the queue at the bank branches.


Marketing is a social and managerial process through which businesses obtain what they want and need through creating, delivering and exchanging valuable products with others.

Marketing analytics

Online marketing data platforms that help marketers track and analyze advertising results.


Visually focused social media platform.

Influencer marketing

An advertising tactic that involves marketing the products / services of a business using well-known public figures.


The largest social media network and a potential platform that offers every business many opportunities to interact directly with their audience.

Email Marketing

Marketing content that is delivered via email. This includes promotional emails, emails that promote content and campaigns for new and existing customers.


A message containing text, files, images, or other attachments that are sent between Internet users.


A systematically organized data repository that allows easy retrieval, modification and analysis of data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM system helps the bank to build customer relationships and to modernize processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service and increase profitability.


A client is a person who has a bank account or who is in a relationship with the bank by having and using other banking products and services.


Campaign is a marketing activity whose purpose is to create interest and awareness about the bank's products and services.

Communication channel

Ways / means made available to communicate with the bank.


The expression of a dissatisfaction, the assertion on the dislike of a product or service that BKT offers, a claim against a product or service obtained sent through the enabled channels, in a concrete situation which can be verified.

Content creation

The process of creating any type of content (images, videos, emails, etc.) used for marketing purposes.

Content promotion

Tactics used to promote created marketing content.

Content marketing

A form of online marketing based on the practice of creating valuable and relevant content that helps businesses build and maintain relationships with customers and people in the target audience.

Content distribution

Tactics, strategies that businesses use to spread their content / content online.

Bank product / service

Tangible products such as cards or intangibles such as deposits and any cash-related services provided by the Bank to its customers to facilitate the management of their income.


An online platform which is used for publishing written content, enables value for visitors and improves the SEO of the website.


The amount of money that can be received for something

Treausry Bonds

Negotiable debt issued by the Ministry of Finance in order to support government spending with a maximum 1 year term


An event that happens when someone buys or sells something, or the activity of money exchange


The process of buying and selling of goods and services, with compensation paid by a buyer to a seller, or the exchange of goods or services between parties


Any legally enforced payment made in favor of the state budget form individuals or juridical persons on the basis of their income or as per the consumption of goods and services benefited


A person who owns a company's shares and consequently obtains the right to make decisions for this company and to benefit from the income derived from the business of this company


Financial Instrument that recognizes the right of ownership or debt such as stocks or bonds

Saving Account

They are types of deposits with elasticity in performing transactions (deposit or withdrawal) by which they also benefit from a modest interest rate


An amount of money that you keep aside and you do not temporarily need to spend


A fixed amount of money recompensing for the work performed by an employee who is usually paid directly to his bank account every month

Safe deposit box

a strong box in a bank where you can keep valuable things


The entire amount of income before making any type of deduction


The added value that derives from the sale of various assets


The process of gaining money or materials


The exchange ratio of different goods, measured in monetary units


A list of different tangible or intangible financial assets held by a person or institution


An amount of money paid, or the act of paying


A check issued in payment of wages or salary


A bank advance that the bank approves as a credit limit to be used in case your account exceeds the value 0


To provide or supply something


A conveyance of property as security for repaying a loan


The basic concept is the acceptance by the public to be used as a payment and exchange instrument

Loan Principal

Initial amount of money that the bank issues to the loan aproved client


The easiest and quick way with which an asset can be converted into cash without losing in value


London Interbank Offered Rate - The interest rate used in lending among banks in the interbank market in London, which is also used as a reference for determining the interest rate on other loans


The responsibility of a person, business, or organization to pay or give something of value toward someone ales

Letter of credit

A letter from a bank allowing the person who has it to take a particular amount of money from a bank in another country


A detailed statement of money owed for goods or services


The process of laying out some money or resource in an enterprise

Insurance Premium

The price paid to get insured from a specific risk


The case where there is an increase in the overall price level leading to the possibility of buying a smaller quantity of goods with the same amount of money


International Bank Account Number


A guarantor is a person who guarantees to pay a borrower's debt in the event the borrower defaults on a loan obligation.


A reserve of money set aside for some purpose


(Foreign Exchange) Refers to the international foreign exchange market


Is a fixed price charged for a specific service

Exchange Rate

The price of a currency expressed in units of another currency


European Interbank Offered Rate: the rate of interest used by the main European banks when they lend money to each other in euros

Economic Recession

Significant decline in economic activity that continues for more than a few months


Earnings of a corporation distributed to its shareholders


Deflation is the general decline in prices for goods and services during a period of time


The state of owing something, especially money

Debit Card

A small plastic card that can be used as a method of payment, the money are being taken from your bank account automatically

Current account

An account kept in a bank where you can easily perform withdrawal, deposit, and other transactions without prior notice while maintaining their history

Credit Card

The card through which we make transactions using funds (credit limit) that the banks gives to us for usage


A property or another equivalent asset that is acceptable by the lender as a loan repayment guarantee obtained by the borrower.


The physical money we see and touch


Money and possessions, especially a large amount of money used for starting a new business or for producing more wealth


Activity of production, purchase and sale of goods or services


A budget is an estimation of revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time usually for 1 year. Budgets can be predicted for individual, businesses, government etc.


A broker is an individual or firm that charges a fee or commission for executing buy and sell orders submitted by an investor or that acts as an agent for a customer and charges the customer a commission for its services.


The point where you have no profit or loss from your business performance activity

Book Value

An asset's book value is equal to its carrying value on the balance sheet, and companies calculate it netting the asset against its accumulated depreciation. 

Bank Transfer

The process of sending money from one bank account to another, usually electronically

Bank System

The entirety of all the banks in a country including the central bank

Bank Deposit

"Funds deposited by an individual or business in a banking institution in order to save and benefit from interests. Usually, the investor can not withdraw the amount deposited up to the maturity date"


An organization where people and businesses can invest or borrow money,change it to foreign money, etc.

Balance sheet

A balance sheet is a financial statement that reports a company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a specific point in time, and provides a basis for computing rates of return and evaluating its capital structure.

Bad loan

A loan which is unlikely to be paid back


An audit is an objective examination and evaluation of the financial statementsof an organization to make sure that the records are a fair and accurate representation of the transactions they claim to represent


Something valuable belonging to a person or organization that can be used for the payment of debts


Is an accounting technique used to reduce the cost of life gradually to an asset with a fixed plan


The act of obtaining or beginning to have something through money

Accrued income

Amount earned in the current accounting period, but which will be received in a future period.


An arrangement with a bank to keep your money there and to allow you to take it out when you need to

Account Statement

It is the history of the transactions performed in the account for the period of which the information is requested