ALBtelecom 4G with 0% Interest

BKT in collaboration with ALBtelecom offer the possibility to buy in installment with 0% interest for one of 4G packages of EAGLE MOBILE

If you have a Prima credit card it’s enough to go to one of ALBtelecom stores and get the 4G package chosen by you by paying from 2 to 12 installments with 0% interest only with Prima card.

If not, apply now for a credit card for 4G financing on BKT, get the approval in record time and come back next day to get your 4G device with installment with 0% interest, without being necessary to wait for the card.

* You will receive your card later as per bank’s instructions.

Choose from 4G packages of Eagle Mobile network by ALBtelecom offering Smartphone 4G and other benefits (for other details and the list of shops of ALBtelecom, please visit

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