Send money anywhere and make international transfers to your partners around the world within 1 day, as if they were domestic.

With the most preferential commissions, faster and cheaper than ever before.


BKT offers the service of outgoing transfers to banks outside Albania from the Internet Branch and the BKT Smart application in any currency accepted by the bank:

International transfers through BKT Smart and Internet Branch are easy to use in order to make your transfers faster, wherever you are:

Arrival of international transfers  performed in business e-banking  within one day (express)
Flexibility in daily limit Guaranteed OUR in EUR & USD
In addition, you benefit from:
  • Improved Terms & Conditions for transfers through e-banking for business, with the most competitive prices in the market.
  • More time at your disposal to send money.
  • Making international transfers with our subsidiary BKT Kosovo with the cheapest commissions in the market within 1 hour.
  • Receive payments in BKT through Swift Go within four hours for small amounts.
The necessary data for sending an international transfer to other banks are:
  • Name and address of the beneficiary
  • IBAN/SWIFT or Name of the Bank and account number of the beneficiary
  • Currency
  • Country
  • Selection of commissions according to 3 options:
  • All commissions are paid by the beneficiary*
  • All commissions are paid by the sender*
  • Commissions are separate

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