Deposit in Smart BanKomaT and earn Cashback!

Have you recently deposited in BKT Smart BanKomaT? If not, then deposit again at Smart BanKomaT and we will give you up to 500 Lekë Cashback!
You can deposit at any Smart BanKomaT using your debit card.
You will receive Cashback according to the following scheme:
  • First deposit -> Earn 100 ALL Cashback
  • Second deposit-> Earn 100 ALL Cashback
  • Third Deposit -> Earn 100 ALL Cashback
  • Fourth Deposit -> Earn 100 ALL Cashback
  • Fifth Deposit -> Earn 100 ALL Cashback
           * 15% tax on income is calculated on each bonus.
* The minimum amount you must deposit to benefit the bonus is 10,000 ALL. Only one deposit transaction per day is valid. If you make two deposits in one day, you will only receive one bonus.
The limit of deposits that you can perform to benefit the bonus is up to five (5) deposits.
How to deposit money in Smart BanKomaT? Follow the steps below and deposit ALL into your bank account to become part of the Cashback campaign:
1. Visit a Smart BanKomaT and enter your debit card and PIN.
2. Select the Deposit option.
3. Choose the currency you will deposit (only in ALL).
4. Select the account where you will deposit the funds.
5. Place the banknotes horizontally at the ATM.
6. Verify the deposited amount and select the continue option to complete the transaction.
The deadline to receive the total bonus of 500 ALL, for all five deposits is 2 months.
This campaign is valid for individual clients and micro businesses.
BKT is always next to you!

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