Enjoy Saint Valentine with cashback or eXtra Bonus

During Saint Valentine period you can earn 1,000 All Cashback or eXtra Bonus with your BKT Prima or BanKomaT
Simply by performing 2 transactions:
  1. One transaction in restaurant sector
  2. One transaction in these sectors: clothing, florist shop, jewelry.
  • Minimum amount for each transaction is 3,000 All. Total amount of both transactions should be at least 10,000 All.
  • Included in this campaign are only Prima and BanKomaT retail credit cards who fulfill the above criteria.
  • Valid will be considered only transactions performed in BKT POS’s
  • Transctions will be counted separately for Prima and BanKomaT. Reward can be earned only once per cardholder.
  • Winners that fulfill the criteria with their Prima credit cards will earn 1,000 eXtra Bonus meanwhile winners who fulfill the criteria with their debit cards will earn 1,000 lekë cashback.
  • Transactions which are deleted/canceled or reversed will not be counted.
Campaign period is: 8th February – 14th February 2024.

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