Enjoy free coffee in Mulliri! Just by paying with SmartPay in BKT POS!

Would you like free coffee in Mulliri? You can easily have it by paying with SmartPay in BKT POS!
A SmartPay on POS transaction can be performed by scanning the QR code generated in the merchant BKT POS. It’s an easy and fast method of payment.
Below are listed the terms and conditions:
  • One customer can benefit only one time from this campaign, only on the first SmartPay transaction.
  • Maximum cashback to be earned is 300 ALL. Cashback will be credit into customers current account after the campaign ends.
  • Total number of customers that benefit from this campaign cannot exceed 1,000 customers.
  • Campaign is valid for all Mulliri shops
22nd of September – 22nd of October 2023
For further information regarding SmartPay on POS usage and advantages visit SmartPay in BKT POS
BKT reserves the exclusive right to change, suspend or terminate the campaign without prior notice.

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