Make 5 online transactions with BanKomaT and Prima Cards and earn 2,000 All Cashback!

BKT BanKomaT debit cards and BKT Prima credit cards are always by your side with lots of surprises!
By performing 5 online transactions with your BKT card you will earn 2,000 All cashback at the end of the campaign!
  • Minimum amount of each transaction should be 3,000 All or more.
  • In the same day, in the same merchant will be counted only one transaction!
  • Valid will be counted transactions performed online with BKT debit cards and BKT credit cards in any virtual POS.
  • Transactions which are canceled/reversed, mail orders and transaction which are used for advertisement purposes in online websites will be excluded in this campaign.
  • Cardholder can benefit only one time with only one card from the campaign. If cardholder fulfills the criteria in both debit and credit, the cashback will be prioritized only in their credit card.
Valid 05.04.2023-05.05.2023
The CASHBACK is yours, only with BKT cards!

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