Tirana, Albania (12 July, 2013) - Banka Kombëtare Tregtare adds another important award to its international evaluations’ collection. BKT, with its successful financial management and innovative banking services, is confirmed for the second year in a row as “The Best Bank in Albania” by the international preeminent financial magazine, “Euromoney” for 2013. The award was submitted to BKT’s Chairman, Mr. Mehmet Usta, and CEO and Board Member, Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil, in the gala dinner organized for the occasion in London. 
Euromoney is among the top financial publications in the world. For more than 20 years, the magazine evaluates the global banking systems and asset markets. The evaluation for the second consecutive time as “The Best Bank in Albania”, confirms the growth of the capacities and the role of the Bank within the Albanian banking sector. This award testifies that BKT is the leader of the market in quality, management and service innovation, and the expertise to support and expand its clientele.
During the awards ceremony in London, the Chairman Mr. Usta emphasized that: “We are proud that our consistent growth, sustainable profitability, innovative products and customer service have not gone unnoticed. As long as we implement our growth strategy in line with our vision, we will keep being The Best Bank in Albania just like in the past, when we were stated as The Best Bank in Albania three times by The Banker, three times by EMEA Finance and twice by Finance Central Europe.”
Best CEO in Europe 
In May 2013, BKT’s CEO Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil, was awarded as “The CEO of the Year for Europe” by EMEA Finance magazine. Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil, who has run the Bank since its privatization in 2000 and increased the return on capital for 13 years an average of 27%, plays a crucial role not only in the high performance of BKT, but also in the management of Association of Albanian Banks and ICC Albania, where he carries out his duties as the Chairman.
One of the two largest banks 
BKT is the second largest and the oldest commercial bank in Albania, having a total asset value of 2.4 billion USD and a total deposit of 1.9 billion USD.  BKT network includes 83 branches, out of which 59 are located in Albania and 24 in Kosova, becoming the largest Albanian bank in the region. Since its privatization in 2000, BKT is the only bank in Albania that has been constantly rated with the highest possible ratings by Moody’s and JCR Eurasia Rating. 
Becoming a regional bank
Despite the low economic growth in Albania, BKT has managed to be the only bank that has increased its profitability and market share. Mr. Pencabligil said that”: “Despite the ups and downs in the world and European economy, BKT’s consistent growth and profitable performance has made the difference. The success we have reached in Albania makes us bolder in evaluating the opportunities in extending our presence in the Balkan’s region.

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