Up to 10,000 lekë CASHBACK with BKT cards during the Black Friday week

BKT cards are by your side with CASHBACK during “Black Friday” period! You are the one to choose how much CASHBACK you would like to earn! Perform transactions as the schema below and earn your CASHBACK:
  • 4 transactions – 1,000 lekë CASHBACK
  • 6 transactions – 5,000 lekë CASHBACK
  • 10 or more transactions – 10,000 lekë CASHBACK
Terms of the campaign:
  • The valid cards for the campaign are: BKT Prima credit cards and BKT BanKomaT debit cards.
  • Minimum amount of each transaction is 3,000 ALL.
  • Only the transactions performed in BKT POS (physical or online will be considered valid).
  • Only one transaction will be considered per merchant per day
  • If one cardholder owns 2 or more cards who fulfill the campaign criteria, client will benefit from the cashback only once, in one card.
  • The number of transactions cannot be the sum of debit card and credit card transactions.
  • Campaign validity 22- 29 November 2022

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