Smart Banking saves you time and money!

To avoid queuing at the branch and save time and money we suggest you use our digital Smart Banking channels. With BKT Smart or Internet Branch you can perform almost all banking transactions online anywhere and anytime.

From mobile phone or laptop any Individual or Business client can perform online banking transactions such as:

  • Opening bank accounts, savings or even opening and closing deposits
  • You can link your debit card to the bank account that you want
  • Payment of your Credit Card or of your relatives
  • Money transfers between your accounts, within BKT, domestically and internationally
  • Top Up - Mobile recharge and package activization
  • Taxes and Customs payment
  • School Payments
  • Bill Payments for internet, electricity water supply and TV
  • Currency Exchange
  • Get information about loans
  • Dedicated menu for customer service

To access BKT Smart you need to download, install and activate the application which you can find in the App Store and Play Store.

Also, to avoid queuing at the branch we suggest you to withdraw money or deposit it in your bank account by using ATM Super BanKomaT. You can deposit money into any Super BanKomaT by following these steps:

  1. Visit a Super BanKomaT and enter your BanKomaT debit card and PIN.
  2. Select the Deposit option.
  3. Choose the currency you will deposit (ALL/ EUR).
  4. Select the account where you will deposit the funds.
  5. Place the banknotes horizontally at the ATM.
  6. Verify the deposited amount and select the continue option to complete the transaction.

We also suggest you avoid using cash for purchases. You can use Contactless Cards to pay at the supermarket, pharmacy, fuel etc.

Smart Banking serves you anywhere, anytime and for free

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