Periodic Payment

Periodic Payment

Now the possibilities are numerous, the alternatives innumerable, but always exist the best choice. Standing Instruction is the best way to pay:

  • Rent
  • Subscription
  • Membership fee
  • School  fee
  • Insurance premium
  • Etc.

You may also use Standing Instruction:

  • to save regularly and in a commode way, from your current account to “Femija Im” deposit.
  • to send money regularly to your student children.

By coming only one time in one of our branches you may order BKT to transfer from your account to the beneficiary account the chosen standing instruction for desired periodicity with or without expire date.


  • Save your time,
  • Make payments in time and without delays,
  • You can make some payments together,
  • You can save regularly,
  • Get everything solved once for all,
  • And, you have the right to apply and give up this service at any time.