Win ''Samsung Galaxy Tablet A – Series''

Win “ Samsung Galaxy Tablet A – Series”

Win “ Samsung Galaxy Tablet A – Series”

This prize will be offered to customers that perform payments to Customs, Tax payments, Education, Treasure Bills on digital channels. Each payment will be one ticket for the Llotary.

The "Samsung Galaxy Tablet A - Series" prize will be awarded to the customer who is selected as the winner.

Klienti që do të shpallet fitues do të përfitojë çmimin “Samsung Galaxy Tablet A - Series”.

All valid transactions will be collected within the draw period (according to the specified dates, and from the tickets generated by these transactions one (1) winner will be selected for each game drawn.

Payments performed by BKT staff will be excluded from this award.

From all the tickets generated during the specified period for the launch of the game, one prize-winning customer will be selected for 1 'Samsung Galaxy Tablet A - Series' respectively: April 2023, August 2023, December 2023.

* Winners of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet A - Series will be excluded from the ongoing draw if they have previously won this prize (during the year in which the promotional draw takes place).